Nanking Nuggets

Saturday and I was bitten by the boredom bug! Nothing good on TV, friends occupied in their family activities, no good movies in town blah blah blah…….enough to send any sane guy into palls of gloom! But I wasn’t amongst those to be bogged down… I set about completing some oft-procrastinated chores….which took me into Secunderabad. Once done with the chores, pangs of a different kind – hunger pangs – started bothering me and I made a beeline towards the nearest eatery – which turned out to be Nanking.

Tucked away in a by-lane of the Park Lane area is what was called the best chinese restaurant in town. I guess its glory days are behind it, what with Mainland China, Chinese Pavilion and Ming’s Court staking claim to that accolade nowadays. And I could see why. Service is not their strongest point and one had to bear with a lot just to get seated…or even to get the table cleaned up! Food was yum though. At a place thats a non-veggie’s delight, I was quite at sea for the surprisingly short menu contained only about 10 veggie dishes! I quickly settled for a Veg. Corn soup & Veg. Manchuriya for starters and asked for the captain’s suggestions for the main course. A bit of dilly-dallying later, I went for Egg Fried Rice and Veggie sin hot Garlic sauce. and boy! was the food served promptly or what! Not more than 40 minutes later, I was full and totally satisfied with the food. For dessert, I opted for the lichees with Ice Cream and it was yummy all the way! Apart from the good food, what makes Nanking a truly eater’s delight is its value for money. The rates are not too high or too low….in fact – just right. All of that came about to 200 bucks and that was more than I could ask for! Taxes were extra though. If they could just ramp up the place into something more cosy and glitzy and get some more customer-friendly guys at service, it would become a better place.

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