Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Sherlock Holmes

Cometh tuesday (thatz today), one of the greatest fictional detective that there has been will come to the small screen in India. For, the History Channel is telecasting the Sherlock Holmes series – every tuesday at 9 PM. Holmes is one of my favourite detectives and I’ve loved reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s entire canon ever since I was a child. Though I’ve seen a few episodes of the series when it was telecasted by Star Plus some 10 years ago (when Santa Barbara & TBATB dominated the airtimes) I hardly remember’em. In this series, Holmes is played by english actor Jeremy Brett with David Burke as Dr. Watson

Sherlock Holmes

This highly detailed series recreated the adventures of Conan Doyle’s Victorian detective in painstaking detail, sometimes to the extent of recreating the illustrations which accompanied the original story publication in “Strand” magazine during the late 19th century. Thirteen of the Holmes short stories were adapted in this series, which was followed by two sequels (“Return” and “Casebook”) as well as several TV movie adaptations.

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