Pin Number Reversal : A Hoax

UPDATE (Esp. for some Big Dumbos) : It is a Hoax and I’m not advocating its legitimacy.

I received this email sometime ago which spoke of how if anyone is ‘forcibly’ made to withdraw money from an ATM, he/she can enter the pin number in reverse and still get the cash while the Police is notified silently in the background……

PIN NUMBER REVERSAL (GOOD TO KNOW)If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN in reverse.

For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you.

This information was recently broadcasted on TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don’t know it exists.

Once I read that, I was ROFLMAO!!! I mean, how inane and stupid this was! The creator must have had a peanut where the brain usually is! Firstly, what if the ‘reversed’ pin happens to be somebody else’s pin? Each card is paired with a unique pin number.Entering the wrong pin would clearly be not matching with the card! Oh waitaminnit…..the super-intelligent ATM machine would take the pin, check for its reverse, confirm it is the ‘original’ pin and decipher that the withdrawee is at danger and surreptiously calls the police! What hogwash!

Secondly, what if the pin number happens to be a palindrome? 1111, 8888, 1221, 6226 and so on…….if that is the case, say goodbye to your money :mrgreen:

A li’l bit of searching would lead us to Snopes wherein this whole thing is laid bare as being an elaborate hoax. A valid pint it states is “Even if police could be summoned via the keying of a special “alert” or “panic” code, they would likely arrive long after victim and captor had departed” and also “I’m not sure anyone here could remember their PIN numbers backward with a gun to their head.”

So, the next time you receive such an email…simply click on the ‘Delete’ icon!

18 thoughts on “Pin Number Reversal : A Hoax

  1. Well, the idea isn’t that bad, it’s just the execution that sucks.

  2. Actually, if you google it, you will find that it actually does exist, it is just not in use in the U.S. And, of all the people in the world with debit cards, I promise you there are many people with the same pin.

  3. AFAIR, it is pending a patent or pending implementation. But as arsenalist says, the idea is good…jus’ the implementation ain’t!!!

  4. Stupid and Insane ?
    What planet do you live on?
    Never heard of an (if) statement?

    Firstly, it’s always a good idea when you get a “Suspect” email to simply copy and paste one of the major lines of text:
    I used:
    If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse.
    Into a Google Search Bar and see what comes up.

    Check out:

    And it is YOU who will feel stupid and insane!
    Hope you like Peanuts … you can eat your own!

    Yes, the technology exists.

    No unfortunately, this intelligent idea is not in use majorly for the reasons that you mentioned above (ie 6226) however, it would be very simple to implement a standard number and have the ATM do the rest. This is VERY BASIC programming.

    Bye the way, yes there are lots of people who have the same PIN, it’s just that they don’t have the same name, card or magentic strip information that coincides with the PIN.

    Legislation calling for the institution of a SafetyPIN-type system has been introduced in Kansas and Illinois, the Kansas bill failed, and the Illinois bill was so dilluted by bank industry lobbyists by passage that it made adoption optional. As of this writing, there are no other such legislation in the works and no banks or other financial institutions have implemented any such plan.

    It’s a PIN (Personal Identification Number)
    Not a PIN# (Personal Identification Number Number)

    Hope this helps educate the peanut brained, stupid and insane!

    Regards …
    Big D

  5. I guess someone misplaced their spectacles or maybe their entire brains when they read thru my post! I ain’t advocating that this thing is true but am only laying it bare as being a Hoax and not in use as specified in the Chain mail !!!

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  7. Being in the atm business myself, I can see where the idea had genuine thought behind it. Its unfortunate that security is always sacraficed for convenience.

  8. Assume that this is a really a truth….

    Now, for this to be true, Bank Database, should store all the ATM Card numbers and their PINs. With all the viruses/ hacking going around the world, do anyone of you think a Bank would store, Card numbers and PINs thats way? Wouldn’t it be encoded?

    Ok, lets assume, it is encoded and stored.

    How does the PIN verification happen?

    Possibility 1: Suppose the actual PIN is 1234 and encoded value of PIN stored in database is A473BDC. User enters PIN as 1234, machine logic, DECODES A473BDC and finds that what user has entered is matching with what is stored in database.

    Possibility 2: Suppose the actual PIN is 1234 and encoded value of PIN stored in database is A473BDC. User enters PIN as 1234, machine logic, ENCODES 1234, gets A473BDC and finds the result is matching with what is stored in database.

    Dont you think possibility 2 is a better one, and Banks would be definitely using this logic? If the second logic is used, then Banks doesn’t have a logic (or doesn’t prefer to have a logic) to decode the existing entry. Now, if decoding doesn’t happen, how will ATM know if the PIN entered is reversed or not?

    Hence, proved that this topic, surely must be a hoax. In case, it is not…….

  9. Answering the prior question, while generating the pin codes, bank must define the exceptional codes which are like 1111, 8888, 1234 …etc,

    so i reckon it should work !

  10. i lost £8000 iwent it back from him

  11. i lost £8000 and i went it back

  12. hi, this is true that such a software does exists but not in India, but in the USA. And even in the USA its is not implemented or rather used except at some very posh areas. but, in india even if they instal this software i can bet ur pet piveess that it will not produce any results. Can you imagine the policeman sleeping in his office getting up and running up to the ATM where the supposed thieft is under progress. hehehehehehehehehe. Galti see aa be giya tho, chor ko pakad ker woh admi see aur paisa liyega ke woh admi kudh sochne lage ga ke it was better to let the thief take my money which was Rs 5000, but this idiot has taken away all my money and i will have to keep on going to his office now every day and every time i go there he will be demanding money. …….

  13. Such a system was proposed by Joseph Zingher in 1994 (and patented by him in 1998) but it still hasn’t been adopted by the banks.
    If and when banks decide to offer any such useful function/service, customers can be sure that they will receive multiple notifications from the banks about the special new safety features (with the additional charges for implementing this servce shown in very small print).
    For further details please view (WWW dot IXPATS dot COM slash BAHRAIN_EXPATS_BLOG slash ITEM slash 51)

  14. I’m with “Chittaranjan” — LMAO. How can people believe this crap? I just got this email for the first time (Jan ’08), and there are literally 150 names on the three visable forwards alone. I’m dumbfounded.

  15. Ok now. This email hoax is a very good one, considering a lot of them we have come across. This technology has been proposed but hasnt been implemented anywhere in the world because of a lot of reasons. And a lot of them being security issues. But nowhere in the world has it been implemented ( mind you not even some of the posh banks in us).

  16. An atm pin number can also be a palindrome !!!….. 1221 , 5665, …as rightly pointed out !!!……

    such a crap fwd 🙂 …. !!!…. hoax ofcourse…..

  17. Chittaranjan, only a half-arsed attempt at doing some research? You lambast the idea, calling it stupid and implying anyone who believes it to be stupid, then, and this is the point that really irks me, you quote from the Snopes article about how difficult the implementation would be. Firstly, those quotes are the opinion of someone that works in a bank, not someone in law enforcement. Secondly, if you had have taken the time to do your research properly, you would have found, as others have already commented, that this technology DOES exist and has in fact existed since around 1994, but there have been issues passing a bill. This information was in THE SAME SNOPES ARTICLE!!!!

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