MicroFox and FireIE7!!!

Smack at FreeHyderabad posted this topic today which spoke about how Microsoft had purchased Mozilla Firefox and was marketing it wildly!!!

Don’t believe it? Head over to MSFireFox and see for yourselves……then comeback to read this post!

Now that you’re back after a good 10-20 minutes of navigating that site, I’m sure you would have known by now that it was a spoof site :mrgreen: Some people with loads of time on their hands must’ave created that site and they did a helluva job of it! It was funny and so prosaic that I was LOL all the time! The site’s full with innuendo-laden digs at Microsoft and its honchos…..notice the Bill Gates pic to the left of the homepage? One of their page has the quote “At Microsoft, we pride criticism and will seek continual self-improvement in the development of core technologies – but when something says ‘beta’, it means ‘beta’.” that takes a poke at their perennial Betas!! And therez also the MSfirefoxmail – Beta (what else!!!) and an Akobe Phlash plugin that proclaims – “The Microsoft AKobe Plash Plugin is developed and endorsed by Kobe Bryant; and presents no intellectual copyright threat towards Adobe Corporation’s Family of Products” . All-in-all….a rib-tickling site….wonder if the mS people have seen it…and how they must’ave felt about it 😀

And while we’re discussing about MS, letz have a quick glance at the homepage of their popular and successful browser. Head over to IE7’s webpage at http://www.ie7.com and check it out for yourself!

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