Wintery Chills

I’ve never been a person who is bogged down by the cold weather. Even in the chilliest of nights, I have my fan on at full speed and though I use a blanket…it’s a flimsy one and is just to keep the mosquitos away! Last winter at Hyderabad was coole nough and was done with without much ado. I used to talk over the cellphone on the terrace at night when a chilly breeze would be blowing and when most persons long to cuddle up beside a cozy fire or a heater! The ceiling fan used to stay put at max speed….. but this year, it’s all changed!?!

I’ve started feeling the chill and suddenly it seems as if this year’s winter is colder and chillier than last year’s. The other day I was traversing around the BHEL area in Hyderabad – which has vast open spaces – and could feel the nip of the cold air. Then came the dreaded night when I had to wake up in the middle of the night and switch off the fan 😮 coz it was getting very cold….and suddenly the flimsy blanket seemed oh-so-inadequate! Maybe the cool winter wind that blows across the vast open airport runways is to blame for the bone-chilling coldness thatz enveloping our house! Or maybe I’ve turned over a new leaf in my life………

2 thoughts on “Wintery Chills

  1. Finally you sensed what cold is????Ha… Ha….Enjoy the winter…..

  2. I guess I’m human after all :mrgreen:

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