Christmas Themes are in

Three days to go and WP has already rolled in the festivities……The Christmas themes have been put in place. Announced later earlier today, the Vermilion Theme is a Green+Red colored theme with the Christmas Tree motif and snowflakes which give it a festive look. Though I’m still in the dark abt why it is called Vermilion Itz named thus coz of the bright scarlet header color and its obvious picturization of Christmas! One minor eyesore is the [edit] button bang in the middle of the page below the posts! Of corz, the guests won’t be able to see it :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Christmas Themes are in

  1. The name of the theme is actually Vermilion Christmas. Matt just shortened it in the footer – probably to save space or something.

    It’s called Vermilion Christmas because to me the most powerful aspect of its appearance is the vivid red color in the header graphic. That particular shade of red at the very center of the header is called Vermilion. So I named it Vermilion Christmas.

  2. Ah! Now that naming makes sense.

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