IE6 and IE7 Together – on the same PC

Last week a unique requirement came up at work. After IE7 was released, I was using that as the secondary browser (Firefox being the default one) but it is a known fact that some websites do not render properly in IE7 whereas they do so seamlessly on IE6. Last Week, I was carrying on with IE7 for work-related purposes and suddenly for some fangled reason, it wasn’t loading the required pages properly. Any amount of tweaking couldn’t gt it to work and what’s worse, Firefox , Opera and Flock also were rendered useless.

A li’l bit of scouting…and I landed up at Deep’s Blog where he had written about how IE6 and IE7 can be simultaneously used on the same PC. The info was from Tredosoft, which had a unique custom-made installer which would let use install any version of IE from 4.0 upwards! It matched my requirements to a T. A few mins later, I had d/l’ed the installer and voila! I’m nos using IE6 and IE7 on the same machine at the same time……

P.S: There are a few issues with the Favorites menu not working properly  on IE6. It crashed a few times when I imported my 7’s favs onto it and tried opening’em 👿

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