Da Travelogue

As I was saying yesterday, I am back in Hyderabad after a brief but enjoyable vacation, during which I went to my hometwon and caught up with some old friends and other family members. Though I had been there in the month of September, I couldn’t devote much time to meeting folks and friends. But this time, I made it a point to catch up with all of them and herald the new year in their presence.

My journey started off on the 29th of December last year by the East Coast express and even though ’twas winter, I preferred the AC II Tier for my trip. Journey was boring but I killed off the time with some much-maligned books that I’d carried. It reached Berhampur in the wee hours of 3oth and I was pleasantly surprised to note that it wasn’t as cold there as it is in Hyderabad! 30th was entirely spent off in calling up and yakking away with friends…some of whom I haven’t seen in 4-5 Years! And the next day – which was a Sunday, we had a grand family reunion of sorts wherein all our folks had gathered for a day of frolic and fun. Lunch, supper and dinner were hearty affairs wherein the elderlies reminded us youngsters of our childhood doings and pranks and sent us all into throes of nostalgia. When zero-hour was nearing, all us youngsters herded off to the terrace wherein we had cakes and candles and sweets and savories stashed away for this very occasion (no drinks though!) And when the year 2007 was ushered in, it was done in absolute style with all 12 of us holding hands and wishing each other………a perfect start to the New year…

…to be continued.

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