XAT teri ki…..

Ahemmm…….I hate to admit it now..but after having decided to give these AT’s (Admission Tests i.e.) a break in the year 2006-07, I somehow or the other ended up applying for XAT – Xavier’s Admission Test – and royally screwed it up! It all began with the massive disisslusionment in 2006 when a few good results and  a few even better interviews later, I was left with absolutely zero admission offers! I decided to take a sabbatical from this grind and devote time to work and career-building and a wee bit of introspection/soul-searching. As a consequence, as compared to 8 AT’s in 2005-06, I was appearing 0 in 06-07! But at the last moment, me gives in to temptation and applies for XAT.

My baser-self would argue that having applied after all, I should’ave got down to study and preparation and make a match outta it rather than letting it flit away! But nope…….the delinquent in me kept postponing the prep further and further away and before one knew, the exam was a week away….out of which 4 days were spent at home! That gave me one-and-a-half day of preparation and I put in exactly 3% of effort into brushing up and preparation! The performance in the exam wasn’t as bad as a rotten egg…but it wasn’t a well-baked Omelette either! I’d say it was a half-of-a-half-hearted effort! And to expect rich rewards from it would be foolhardy! And itz no use cribbing about it further since ’twas me who’s to blame all the way! Lashes ought to be bestowed on thyself …..

2 thoughts on “XAT teri ki…..

  1. Hey i too gave XAT my first attempt though.I had applied to only XLRI and realised that preparing last moment will not help.And as i had been fooling whole year round there was no point studying in the last week and expecting a miracle.So decided to enjoy that last week too.
    So finally answered with no preps. and as expected did not do very well just around 30-35 attempts and not sure abt the accuracy. also.
    Hope to join a company now after my Engg.. and learn the nuances of MBA.So maybe with some work experience i could show up a good portfolio.
    So what do u do????Where are u working.Plans of giving AT’s again next year???

    Do check my blog and if u do like it add me to your blogroll

  2. Halloa! There’s a faint voice in moi head that urges me to give the Big AT next year – GMAT :mrgreen: But letz see how things pan out!

    BTW, ktima is ur name reversed, rite?

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