Need For Speed Carbon

Ohmigosh! I’ve been so out-of-touch with gaming that it took me seven tries to win a single race! There was a time when I was the ultimate Roadrash+NFS Champ in high-school and college. Glory be to those days!!! The last NFS game I’d played was NFS Underground and that was mroe than an year ago I suppose. So I was a bit rusty when I got to play the latest installment of the NFS Series from EA – Need For Speed Carbon.

NFS Carbon

After Underground, there was Underground 2 and Most Wanted. Dunno much about those but the latest installment is a good one. And even though I had a limited amount of time to play it (I got to play it at a cousin’s place when I was visiting them), I was impressed by the gameplay. There were three categories of cars to choose from – Muscle, Tuner and Exotic and the Gameplay is based upon teamplay wherein there will be two or more rival teams competing for the race. The game also had an innovative concept of a team-member who’ll race alongwith you and will try to block other cars if you are in the lead or if you are lagging behind, can slow them down so that you can pass them! Pretty nifty. There are also the Scouts and Drafters but I didn’t get to race with them. The City circuit is divided into territories and one has to win in order to claim that territory. The three modes of racing I competed in were Sprint, Drift and my favorite – Canyon Racing – where the player first gains points depending on how closely opponent’s movements are followed down a mountain trail, and the second part involving points being deducted from your previous score by how closely the opponent manages to follow you! Kool. NFS Carbon is also the first to be released for all major NexGen consoles. Sigh! Wonder when I’ll get to lay hands on it and burn some rubber……..

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