Newspaper Snippet

Now one can create one’s own Newspaper snippet i.e. an Image of a Newspaper snippet and send it across to people to bring home some nice and juicy tidbit or a fact. I came across this site as I was randomly Blogrolling and I kinda vaguely remember that I picked it up at this weblog. I randomly generated a few snippets before racking my brains and coming up with a potentially-bombastic idea to scare off a few friends! This tool was quite handy when a few misinformed zealots did not believe me 👿

The site in question also can create Ninja text, talking tomatoes, owls, squirrels and also cigarette packs and clapboards. Visit it and scare the wits outta some gullible dude!

One thought on “Newspaper Snippet

  1. Nice software. Very innovative, especially with the “bad quality” scanning effect!

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