WordPress now has the SNAP Preview utility across all blogs. For the uninitiated, SNAP Preview is a nifty li’l utility that allows people to see screenshots of the WebPages when the hover on any Link. That way they can just preview a site which they’ll be taken to if they click on a link. That way one can save time and bandwidth which would have been consumed in visiting a page thatz of no use!

An announcement to this fact was made a few minutes ago. Altough I kinda like this plugin, the load times for some previews is quite long and that might be testing one’s patience. In some cases SNAP doesn’t have the screenshots and displays a curt message that “Queued for Capture. Check back shortly”. Then there’re some previews which show the older versions of the sites! Lastly, If I have a link to my own blog ( like this) then I don’t see the preview of my own blog UPDATE: Sometimes I see an Older version and sometime I don’t see it at all! Also, if i click ‘Options’ on the preview window, when I move the cursor to change any of the options, the window closes 👿

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