Project I.G.I

Project IGI Thatz the name of a PC Game that I used to play a long time ago. It stands for I’m Going In (Though it can also stand for Institute of Geotactical Intelligence!) and was released by EIDOS Interactive. The game is a simple FPS wherein the lead character is a covert agent named Jones and is assigned several missions that range from stealing a truck from a military base to safelt extraditing an enemy agent from a bunker. Though the game had several shortcomings which included a pathetic AI and lack of a mid-game saving option, it was one of my personal favorites when i used to play it. That was way back in 2002 I think.

And now I got to play this game again yesterday when KR got the CD in an attempt to recreate the olden days of pristine FPS gaming that we used to enjoy. Both of us were FPS-Fanatics and our fav games included Quake III Arena, Serious Sam I & II, Unreal Tournament GOTY, Deus Ex, IGI, Doom, Duke Nukem, Half-Life, Max Payne I & II, Wolfenstein etc. How IGI stood apart from all of these was its easier gameplay and the combat-feel that it imparted on the player. Something that the Delta Force series had last done! And though I started playing IGI yesterday, within 2 hours, had cleared the first three stages. Looks like I’d finish this one (for the 7th or 8th time maybe!) before the end of this week!

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