XAT Results

The XAT Results are out!!! Thatz the Xavier Admission Test that was conducted on the 7th of January 2007 for admission into the elite XLRI/XIMB and other premier MBA institutes.

To view the scorecard, Login to http://www.xlri.edu with your XAT ID and Password and click on the View Your Score link. The scorecard will be available for viewing/printing.

5 thoughts on “XAT Results

  1. tumhara kya hua ??

  2. sigh! Haath ko aaya muh na laga! VA aur LR mein 98+ ….QA mein vaat lag gayi 😥

  3. arrey ,you are almost there ,ji ….XIMB ka call aayega kya ? agli baar ,take it seriously and you will get in for sure.

  4. XLRI has said FO to me! But letsee what XIMB sez …..
    Pichli baar bhi yeich socha tha ki agli baar hojaayega!

  5. but as you said,you didnt prepare much. preparation karo thodasa toh ho jayinga. aur if you get XIMB`s call,go for kill.ye har saal exams likhna headache ka kaam hai ,agle saal tak onsite kuch ho gaya toh,MBA thingie will take backseat.

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