Liverpool Beat Chelsea

Ohmigosh! Liverpool have beaten Chelsea in their Premiership encounter yesterday. This is a serious blow to Chelsea’s title aspirations and if Manchester United come thorugh with a win at the Emirates Stadium today in their encounter against Arsenal, then they will open up a 9-point advantage over Chelsea! And even though eternal-optimist Jose Mourinho will say that difference can be made up, it will be an immensely difficult task. Either ManU will have to slip up real badly – which sounds improbable, given the team’s fine run and form – or Chelsea will have to see that they win every match from hereon and hope that ManU slip-up. Either sounds improbable to me as of now.

Chelsea will be really hoping for a loss or even a draw for ManU which will keep the reds within sight. And though a 7 point (if itz a draw) lead may not sound cool as compared to a 9-point lead, Chelsea will take that I’m sure. As for Liverpool, their win was a shot-in-the-arm for manager Rafa Benitez who had the audacity to play a 3-4-3 formation in earlier fixtures and this one too (I presume). They now move up to third place in the table, 4 points clear of Arsenal and will stay there no matter what the Arsenal Vs. ManU result will be.

Now for the Chelsea Vs. Liverpool match. I was a dumb-a** to have dozed off just as the match kicked off but I hope to catch the replay soon. Liverpool were 2-goals ahead as early as the 17th minute with goals from Dirk Kuyt and Jermaine Pennant.

Read the full match report here

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