KBC 3: Kaun Banega Comedian?

KBC 3 The much-anticipated Kaun Banega Crorepati Tritiya (if you can call that!) started airing yesterday with Shah Rukh Khan in the anchor’s chair in place of Amitabh Bachchan. And I immediately took a dislike to one of my favorite shows! Now, I am no SRK-lover…as much as I like some of the movies he has acted in (DDLJ, Karan Arjun, Darr etc) his knack of going overboard at the most inopportune moment irritates me no less. Also, in the past few years, he has tried to take his acting and mannerisms to another level – maybe in order to woo the NRI’s and the yuppie junta – and has failed miserably IMO. My lack of any respect towards SRK aside, I feel that no one could have made a worse quiz-show compere than him! I know it is harsh to be judgemental of him after just one episode, but ain’t first impressions the best impressions?

SRK is all that Amitabh Bachchan is not on the show. He is sarcastic, laconic and downright comical. One can sum up his ineptitude when one sees him ask the wife of the contestant to say I-love-you to her husband! It could have been All-the-best or play-well or even good-luck but no! I somehow can’t help feeling that he has this air of laaitt when he does the show….and that is detrimental to the keen quizzing spirit of the serious viewers out there. Agreed that it is more of a game-show rather than a quiz-show but the seriousness ought not be relegated to the back! And pray, what is this Freezing? Where has the immaculate and to-the-point lock kiya jaaye? gone off to? Another of SRK’s maneuvers to step out of the shadows of the Big B? Maybe! IMHO, Siddhartha Basu would have made a far better host than the comical Khan!

16 thoughts on “KBC 3: Kaun Banega Comedian?

  1. cant agree more .First he did Don ,and now KBC…donno why he is trying to step in Big B`s shoes ,and falling flat on his nose.

  2. Hey he is not that bad as youmentioned in the blog.
    Dont compare with BIG B!!!!! He is trying to do in his way.
    But few things like “frrez” even i didnt like….

  3. Yep! He is not bad…but Worse 👿 And the song is absolute Crap…..

  4. hey u all r mad .srk was d best,srk is d best n will be d best always.u all dont hav any right 2 speak abt srk like dat.apoorv srk is much better dan big b.he rockz in d song n chittranjan u hav gone mad ok.bikrant ,he knows much better dan u how 2 freeze.u all better mind ur business dan his.

  5. Chah! That Gayrukh’s fans are teeming allover the web! And such lame ones at that! And why don’t u practice what u preach(abt that minding one’s own business) Note that itz all IMHO 👿

  6. Hey Priyanka i will not agree with one point”srk is much better dan big b”. He cant be better than big b. But he is good. Even i dont agree with chittaranjan.

  7. Priyanka , IMO , Big B is indispensible as far as KBC in concerned.SRK will always be doing the catching up act .And Bikrant,comparisons are inevitable coz this is second time he is trying to step in shoes of AB.

  8. Hey Apoorv SRK done a good job in DON and doing the same in KBC also.

  9. 😆 SRK was good in DON? Bwahahaha….. IMO he was over-the-top as Vijay/Don and much less too subtle as Don/Vijay! Waitaminnit…hez the same :mrgreen:

    I’d rather watch Arjun ‘limpin’ Rampal!

  10. Shahrukh rocks!!!!

    He is much much better than Amitabh.
    He is charming, witty and entertains in a boring show such as KBC. Shahrukh has brought life to the show.

  11. Hey U..why do u compare the two…Each one is good in his own way…Millions of people arent crazy to be a fan of SRk…He’s a lover boy of them….Mind ur bloody tongue…..Go and stand once in front of the lights…Ull piss……Huh..talking about acting

  12. Oh Yeah! He has brought life to the show….almost in an effeminate manner 👿 Gone is the Suaveness and Polish of the previous versions…..lamentably! and you say I should mind my tongue,…I say he should mind his business and stick to goody-goody mushy roles and not ruin such a good show with his staccato mannerisms and over-the-top garrulousness!

  13. hi,
    Shahrukh does make the show interesting.He is the ultimate entertainer.I am neither a fan of Mr.Amitabh nor Shahrukh as actors,but I would prefer shahrukh as the host as he tries to make the show more interesting.Even I do not like the karle song which is cheap and not required.May be he should not use ‘Tum’for the contestants.He can use ‘Tum’for the younger contestants and use ‘Aap’for the older ones.Apart from these minor flaws I think he is better than the earlier host.Atleast the show is not a monotonous quiz programme where all the contestants are serious and the host is ultra serious.Atleast Shahrukh does not show ‘Stargiri’.He is friendly and very down to earth.

  14. Seems thatu r born on earth th mock SRK…..Dont u have any better work….Let him do what he wants…Who r u to comment……If u want…watch it…else….sleep tight!!

  15. And some others are born so as to pander him and hero-worship him! Bahh!

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