Hyderabad: Auto Strike Called off

The week-long strike of the Auto Drivers in Hyderabad was finally called off yesterday. They had been protesting for the past few days against the government’s action plans of installing digital meters on all the autos plying in the twin cities. Even though it was a well-thought decision, the strictness of it made the Auto unions go into a tizzy! There were reports about how the meters would cost the autowallahs dearly and how they couldn’t afford it but I’m guessing they just don’t want to change to digitised meters. (psst…they would be difficult to tamper) The strike caused much hardship to public and coupled with the paucity of adequate transport services from the RTC, it was one hell of a commute everyday for most people….yours truly included! The strike was called off after the Govt. decided to defer the imposition of the meters by 90 days. Wonder if that is the best solution. There are equal chances of the stand-off arising again on the 91st day. I guess this was a stop-gap kinda solution for the problem, with bothe the parties clearly not working towards an amicable settlement. As of now, the autos have returned to the roads and with it the chaos and traffic jams as well! Sigh…win some…lose some!

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