Miserable Week

Bah! and then a Double-bah! It has been a miserable week so far and an eminently forgettable one. My online life as well as my life off the PC was so mucked-up that lesser mortals would have taken sanyaas and trudged off in despair. Maybe the frustration of having to use crowded public transport and never-ending traffic jams of the last week were to blame for it. Even though the auto strike ended on tuesday, life did not take a turn for the better hence. My favorite web-haunt – The FreeHyderabad Forums were down, suspended for some violation…..my Google Reader would’nt login properly…Orkut was sometimes-on-sometimes-off….HarshJ was un-reachable….cellphone was conked out a little….the niggling bothersome worries were oh-so-many! An increased workload at the workplace and a fast-diminishing bank-balance (Not to mention a fast-increasing waistline!) notwithstanding, the miseriness was excaberated by the outage of Cable TV at home for the past two days! Some repairs were to undergo and it would’t be back till Sunday at the earliest. So all I do after getting home after a tiring day is to hit the sack and have incoherent and incomprehensible dreams!

But as someone said, there’s light at the end of the tunnel….and the weekend is finally here….at last a way to assuage the boredom by watching some movies or visiting the folks. And a sign of the good things to come was the FreeHyd boards being re-opened and my cellphone working like a breeze (tho the others were yet to be back to normal)…..I foresee that the coming days would be better and brighter than the bygone ones…….being an optimistic always helps :mrgreen:

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