Movie: Ghajini

Movie: Ghajini (Surya, Asin, Nayanatara)

I’d wanted to see this movie (as well as Aparichithudu) since a long time. It is a remake of the academy-award winning english flick Memento. I got the original VCD yesterday and watched it. The movie is about Surya, who is a patient suffering from short term memory less. He can’t remember anything for a length of time greater than 15 minutes. The last thing he remembers is that his lover was killed by a goon and then hits him on the head to leave him with that condition. He also remembers all the henchmen who were present at the time of that incident. He then goes about finding all of them and eliminating them. Pretty ordinary revenge drama.

Why Surya turns into such a case is shown in two parts – both through Flashbacks. And IMO showing flashbacks as characters reading a diary is the lamest way to do so!! Anyways, the film is gripping to an extent in the first half but slowly loses steam in the second and like an empty baloon let free, loses all air and settles down like a limp! The best thing about the film is the story line and Surya’s performance. He is convincing as a forgetful-patient and is suave in the flashbacks. Suits the role to a T. Asin is pretty much OK but Nayanatara is wasted…only one song…that too a skin-showing-cleavage-thrusting-inane-number!!!

Music is good…I Fast-forwarded only 2 of the 6 songs. Direction is good…I can’t Imagine how the same director could helm a flick such as Ghajini and then a lame one as Stalin! Drained creativity I suppose! Given that it was a Tamil movie, logic and gravity were conspicous by their absence…so were the cops in a revenge drama who show up when Surya breaks into a ladies hostel but are nowhere to be seen when he goes about killing people. All in all, a TP movie and made me forget the lacklustre flick that was Kyon Kii (Sallu should have seen this one and then portrayed that character)

Why Ghajini:

The title is said to be inspired by an invader of India named Ghajini who failed many times until he succeeded, much like the protagonist of the movie fails many times and then succeeds in achieving his goals. However, the name Ghajini is a misnomer as it was Mohammad of Ghori who tried to invade India 17 times, failing miserably on every occasion. Finally, on the 18th time, he was successful. The real Ghajini on the other hand had great successes in his invasions amassing great wealth.

Remains to be seen how the remake in Hindi with Aamir Khan turns out to be.

4 thoughts on “Movie: Ghajini

  1. The movie was very bad…I had very high hopes when I went to watch it…except song there was nothing to talk about.And towards end it was pathetic…
    surya was gud ,though.
    Hindi Ghajini wud lot of tweaking in order to make it watchable….

  2. I agree…second half was a big let-down! But maybe since it had already become an old movie by the time I watched it, expectations were low!

  3. i liked the movie ..except a few songs.. as well surya has acted well.. didint like nayantara musch and the climax was too ..streched.. they could have finishd it differently.. all to gether it wasnt tht bad a movie..

  4. “Ghajini” what it mans? i have not seen the old ghani(tamil verson) but i have heard about it’s i wish to see the new one. it’s promo is so good which has bound me to go and see the movie.

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