Tom & Jerry at it again!

We all love Tom & Jerry. The adorable mouse and cat duo have been at each other since a long time and now their chases and pranks are being put into flash games. I received such a game today and immensely loved playing it.Itz a flash game wherein one can choose either character of Tom or Jerry.

Tom & Jerry If you choose Jerry, you’d have to escape a chasing Tom as you dodge several obstacles en route. Three hits and bang! you get caught by Tom. You can make Jerry jump by clicking the mouse once and jump higher by clicking two times. Make Jerry reach his hole and you win!

Tom & JerryIf you choose Tom, you’d have to catch Plates & Glasses thrown about in the air by a mischevious Jerry. You’d have to click on the plates to catch them as Jerry runs around throwing them round. And click on the glasses to keep them unbroken. Three broken plates/glasses and Mrs. Mammy-two-shoes would throw Tom out!

Click on the Image to get the flash file! Thanks to MG for sharing the game. The came can also pe played online

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