Da Stats picked up a few visits to this blog from the site called WhoLinks2Me. A quick visit showed me that it was a site that searches for the submitted site’s presence on other sites as a link-to. It even shows the PageRank of the site. And as some said long ago…curiosity kills the cat…and I let my cuiosity take the better of me! Another quick check shows that my site’s PR was 5….quite alright if not awesome…..decent links……a nice number of Google and Yahoo! searches show up the site…again wuite expectedly, if I may say so. But what surprised me was the fact that MSN search shows a pretty high 1700 links!?! Am I a good boy or what at MSN :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “Links….

  1. Congrats Buddy. keep it up. tell whn u’ll get PR8 & it’ll come under top 100000 Sites…. ATB…

  2. Hehhe….needs investments! Say, why don’t u invest in it like some VC ??

  3. Ok! u launch IPOs. will get more investors…..


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