Valentine’s Day – Just another day in the Calendar

Cometh February 14th and half of the nation (err…atleast the younger half) goes into a tizzy! There’s a lotta brouhaha about lovers’ day and an equal amount of resentment from the purists and also the extremeists! What are my views, you may ask…..well, here are those partisan views.

V Day in Hyderabad may be low-key initially, but I’m sure the hep and cool hangout joints will be full of revellers and cosy couples in the evening. The buzz was clearly visible even in the searing heat at noon time where Hutch folks were criss-crossing the busy Punjagutta junction, distributing roses to couples. And then there were the hordes of baloon-sellers hoping to make a killing by selling heart-shaped baloons. Chocolate shops and gift shops would’ave run out of their goods I’m sure! Ditto for the greeting card establishments….everyone’s making a living outta it!

My date? Here she is….

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Just another day in the Calendar

  1. Are u sure u wanna go on a date with her ? Would she agree ?

    We (both younger and older) people dont celebrate Independence day or Republic with same enthusiasm as we celebrate Valentines Day.

    Came across a news in Paper that Valentines day is actually meant for get together of families.

  2. Whatever it is, itz just another day!

    And why wouldn’t she go out with me? It was she who asked me out, not the other way round πŸ˜€

  3. Bhabhiji ka salaam bolna mera πŸ˜€

  4. Arre….chali gayi une waapas Ruus! Agli baar zaroor bolunga πŸ˜›

  5. phone ya sms kar sakte ho………….usme to koi problem nahi………

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