Mapz. Nay…MapKits!

Actually therez only one! To the right of the page, you’ll see a map of the place where I blog from. Actually its a well-known thing but I hoped that the Map would show the exact location and not the broader cityscape! The map…or MapKit is a WP plugin that I came to know about only yesterday. It was silently residing in the Presentations>Sidebar Plugins page and probably was an unannounced widget. Its homepage is Platial, though the actual maps are from Google Maps. On the platial site, one can zoom upto closer levels but this smaller map doesn’t allow one to do so. Also I am yet to fathom how one can add places onto the map.

*scratches head*

4 thoughts on “Mapz. Nay…MapKits!

  1. The MapKit looks good! I’m the Platial human “help” section.

    You can’t add places by exact address yet in India, but you can add your location by clicking on the map. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Click on “Add Places & Comments” toward the bottom of the MapKit.
    2. Zoom in with the google map controls and then click on the map where you want your marker to sit
    3. Give the spot a name in the place name box
    4. click “go”

    After that you can add pictures of yourself, or videos, or whatever you want by clicking on the “add photos, video, html” link.

    If you need any help with the MapKit, email me:

  2. Thankoo !! Me too configured it on ma site.And for me its zeroing down to exact place where I am put up !!

  3. Lucky for u! Hyd mein mere aapis par zoom karta lekin doesn’t stay static 👿

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