Bon Voyage Friend

This saturday, one of by best friend and a long-standing roommate (3+ years in engineering and nearly an year while working) will be leaving the shores of the country onto the Queen’s kingdom. He’ll be slaving for the gori chamdis :mrgreen: and will be hoping to make it big in the land of bacon-and-eggs! I wish him all the very best for his career and life out in England and sincerely hope that he will scale new heights of success in his work-life. He’s been waiting for this opportunity since a long time and now that he has finally got it, he’ll definitely make the most out of it. We’ve parted ways once before, when after a 3-year stay together while pursuing engineering he left to Bangalore and I chose to pitch camp in Hyderabad but back then I had the solace of knowing that he is back there and there was the assurance of meeting him once in a while. But now that he’s going so far, it somehow feels different. But life’s like that…we have to scale new peaks everyday in search for success and I am happy for him. Our group of friends had great plans about attending his grandiose wedding but all that seems like a far dream for now. Well, maybe not…I’m sure he’ll send us the flight tickets if he decides to get married in London :mrgreen:

All the best ra…..

P.S: I was watching the episode of Friends yesterday where Joey leaves the apartment he shares with Chandler to live in a bigger & better place. Surely puts things in perspective….

One thought on “Bon Voyage Friend

  1. yea, folks moving on in life chasing dreams … leaving behind the fond memories !

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