The Time: 6 AM on a saturday morning

The Place: Habsiguda X Roads

The Cause: A metal ad-board that is kept for dividing the bust-stop from the road

The actual event: I was pillion riding on a Pulsar dtsi…going along at a pretty moderate 60 kmph when suddenly this board appears outta nowehere and bam! both of us ram into that thing.

The Consequences: A sollen wrist fo my friend and a muscle-deep gash on my leg with an aded bonus of the silencer burning my calf.

The After-thoughts: We were pretty lucky there was no traffic behind us…..otherwise we would have been somewhere else right now!

The Rants: Why the hell these boards are kept smack in the middle of the road! Can’t they be kept a little to the side so that people going in the middle of the road can avoid them!

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