Nike Cricket Ad

Everyone by now must have seen the latesht Nike Ad thatz doing the rounds on TV lately…….the one where cricket is played atop buses and other vehicles as Traffic gets jammed in a busy junction. Like Lagaan which took Indians’ two biggest interests-Patriotism and Cricket and carved a masterpiece, this ad attempts a marriage between the day-to-day humdrum of traffic jams and the country’s greatest passion-Cricket. What I like the most in that ad is the background music…..itz awesome and fits the video to a T. Hats off to all those behind that ad.

[Update] A bit of lookin’ around led me to the tidbit of info that the ad was conceptualized and made by J Walter Thompson

And Tx to Ustaad, I got the link to YouTube:

[Second Update] Treebeard has the lyrics to the song in the ad which is actually in Konkani dialect. The music is composed by Ram Sampath and the vocals are by Ella Castellino.

11 thoughts on “Nike Cricket Ad

  1. I want the music….its great and want it as my ringtone….available anywhr?

  2. Shall hafta search….bad thing is that the Keyword cricket is blocked here! Itz a spanish song…sounds catchy also

  3. dudeeeeeeeeee gemme the ringtone from somewhere.. or tell me the name of the song.. i will extract and make mp3 out of it… plz plz plz plz

  4. Pls. arrange the ringtone,or let us know the song

  5. Can’t seem to find it anywhere šŸ˜

  6. Nike Cricket ad ringtone: http:/

  7. spanish?!!!!….who said so……its konkani……100% desi yaar

  8. Hau Hau… IS indeed Konkani…..

  9. Where can i get the ringtones yaar?

  10. hi all, super ad, mindblowing music. does anyone have the ringtone, i could only get the polyphonic ringtone i want the singtone.

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