James Bond Themes – My Favz

James Bond needs no introduction……but his movies have always had some terrific intro scenes and spellbinding opening sequences. Maurice Binder is the brain behind several of those artistic and captivating title sequences. But that I’ll leave off for another day. Letz talk about the theme songs that play during the opening title sequences. The Bond movies have shelled out some scintillating theme songs over the years and I keep listening to them day in and day out. Who can forget the mesmerizing James Bond signature song composed by Barry Norman Monty Norman and which has found its place in every James Bond movie! Apart from the signature tune, there have been several other tracks which are truly Bondish in nature. Here I list 10 of my personal favorites:

  1. You Know My Name – Chris Cornell from Casino Royale
  2. You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra from You Only Live Twice
  3. Diamonds are Forever – Shirley Bassey from Diamonds are Forever
  4. The Man with the Golden Gun – Lulu from The Man with the Golden Gun
  5. Tomorrow Never Dies – Sheryl Crow from Tomorrow Never Dies
  6. The World is Not Enough – Garbage from The World is Not Enough
  7. Live and let Die – Wings from Live and Let Die
  8. Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey from Goldfinger
  9. From Russia with Love – Matt Monro from From Russia with Love
  10. View to a Kill – Duran Duran from A View to a Kill

The WWW is a vast resources for all of these and more! Too bad YouTube is inaccessible here otherwise I’d have seen all the title sequences back-to-back. For those of you who can, here’s where to find them.

Other Resources: Bond Title Sequences | James Bond Music | MIDI’s of Themes |

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