Wierd Names

During my usual jaunts back from office – which is an alarmingly long bus ride of almost 2 hours – I see around me several establishments and places which have names that seemingly sound good but have an ulterior hidden wierdness to them that makes me guffaw after I grasp it!

There’s this clinic that is named Touch Diagnostics. I sincerely hope that the practicioners do not stick to the name too literally when the do their diagnosis 😆 Then there’s another that calls itself Heavenly Travels. I’m sure they mean to convey that journeying with them would be a pleasant experience..but lets hope its not too heavenly n nature! The name Snips n’ Cuts may be very mundane-sounding but when I tell you that it is a hair cutting saloon, you’ll fear whether there’s gonna be only snipping or any cutting of the harmful nature. When you call your bakery by the name of Lovey Dovey, you are running the risk of people thinking that they’ll find some things that are too feathery for comfort :mrgreen: Similarly, when you drop off your laundry at Vanish Dry Cleaners you surely don’t expect the clothes to go poof! but its the stains and spots that should.

All of these and many other that I can’t recollect now, lead me to wonder whether any thought is put into it by the people who concoct such chesy names for their establishments. Maybe they’re toeing the Shakespeare’ian line…what’s in a name? 😀

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