Formula One 2007 Season Flags Off

The most-awaited sporting extravaganza of the year is starting off this weekend! Or should I say vrooming off? On Saturday, 17th or March 2007, the Formula One 2007 Season goes underway with the Australian Grand Prix Qualifying. And the actual race on Sunday would well & truly kick-start the racing. 2007 in many ways than one is a watershed year for the sport. For the first time in more than a decade, the season would not see a driver named Michael Schumacher on the starting grid. Having announced his sabbatical last year, Schumi would now be watching the races from the other side of the track. 2007 also sees the top two drivers – on form at least – move on to rival teams. Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari and Fernando Alonso to McLaren. Ferrari has two top drivers on their ranks whereas McLaren and Renault have one rookie each partnering an experienced campaigner. So that leads me to think that this year may see the re-domination of Ferrari.

There may be surprises yet but methinks that the Top 3 would remain the same…Ferrari, McLaren & Renault! Ferrari have Pace and Kimi…but McLaren have Alonso! Renualt has the reliability but a relative non-performer in Giancarlo and a newcomer in Kovaleinen! McLaren cannot garner much points coz of the rookie-ness of Hamilton…..So all said and done, I won’t be surprised if both titles are taken by Ferrari with Kimi nearly edging out Alonso! BMW and Toyota have reliability issues but BMW’s drivers are far better than the old-horse pair of Ralf & Jarno. Button may shine at last but the green-honda is not upto speed yet! And then there are the also-rans that will manage to garner some points and may even manage the odd surprise, esp. Kubica.

I may or may not get to see this weekend’s race! all bcoz of this stoopid World Cup that the cable-wallahs would give preference and replace Star Sports with the effin’ Max channel!?! I would then have to argue my case saying that since the race is in the day and the matches don’t start until after 7 PM, they can rejig the channels but the dimwits mayn’t listen 👿 Anyways, I sure do hope for the best…and also hope that the Iceman wins the race on Sunday…even if it is in the much-hated Scarlet uniform. Go Kimi Go……..

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