Ah! How come this skipped my mind entirely? Err..thatz the koschen I should be asking myself, not you! But anyways. the other day a few of us friends got together and decided to try out an hitherto unvisited place. Now such eateries might be few in Hyderabad, but owing to the fact that there was a newly-opened mall in town the numbers were indeed stacked up against us! So off we zoomed off to City Center, the newly-opened mall that I was talking about. More on the mall in some other post….all the eateries were situated on the 6th floor (or was it 5th!!) which housed the BJN Group’s chain of restaurants – Sahib Sindh Sultan, IndiJoe’s, Aromas of China and Firangi Paani. We settled for IndiJoe’s since talk was rife that this place had the yummiest food at decent-enough prices.

windowslivewritergrubindijoes-117a6indijoes6.jpgNow since we were there on a week-day, the place was kinda empty. The ambience was calm and peaceful with just the right amount of lighting and music playing in the background. We were promptly seated and were presented with the menu, which I must say is not as varied as it was made out to be! There were the common Continental offerings like Fondue, steaks & Sizzlers, Mexican spread consisted of especialades, enchiladas, flautas & tortillas whereas the Italian cuisine boasted of Pastas, Pizzas & Lasagnas. Since we were in predominantly conversational mood, we decided upon the quickies i.e. the sizzlers. We partook of Veg. Sizzlers (Priced at Rs.165), Sicilian Pasta with Penee (180), Chicken Sizzlers (180) and Veg. Delight Mexican Combo (180). The last-mentioned was my dish which consisted of rice cooked in traditional Mexican sauce and garnished with melted cheese and a sprig of mint; accompaniment was cottage cheese in tomato and oregano sauce served alongside crispy onion rings and boiled broccoli. Yumm! Food was good, altough my more traditional friends found the sizzlers a bit too hot to handle (or in the case of SHG, too little too less :mrgreen: )

The rates were a wee bit on the higher side as compared to other multi-cuisine restaurants (Six of us racked up a bill of 1300 Bucks!) but considering the fact that it offered Global Cuisine and also coz of the location, it was to be taken for granted. Service was prompt and efficient and both our orders and the checks took the right time to arrive. There was also a Buffet spread that was only for lunch which would have delighted us far better,I’d think so! All said and done, IndiJoe’s would be one place I would visit again – but only after I checkout the others first – but wouldn’t recommend people who crave for more-Indian-and-less-continental fare! For all other multi cuisine buffs, IndiJoe’s is a must-visit-once place.

[Update] Included the Prices of dishes in the post.

IndiJoe’s Global Cuisine – City Center Mall, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Ambience: 3 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Food: 4 out of 5
Standard Meal for two: 500 Bucks (Excl. Drinks)
Value for Money: 3 out of 5

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