Summer’s Upon Us!

Itz been quite a few days since the days have started becoming hotter n hotter….and so are the nights! Summer’s well and truly upon us and it seems that it will be quite a hot one this year. And this is the time when not having an A/c really riles. After spending majority of the day at the workplace – which thankfully is nice n’ cool – the journey back home is sorta traumatic and when the time to hit the sack finally comes, it also is nothing short of an ordeal! Nearly an hour or more is whiled away listening to the hum of the ceiling fan and when sleep finally dawns, it is more of a swoon than a snore 😐

Know what riles me further? RK mailing from the United Kingdom and boasting away that the temperature there is a measly 1° C!!! Lucky Bugger 👿 chilling off in the cool confines of the British isles when we’re baking away to glory in the 45° C heat! When will winter be upon us??

One thought on “Summer’s Upon Us!

  1. I agree, I sweat a lot in the college bus yesterday, the temperature here too was 3-4 degrees above the usual 30. Well, this is just the start for us 😦

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