Exactly 316 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes and 41 seconds ago, I had happened to chance upon this social music site called and had signed up for it! I even blogged about the site and its features and advantages on that day. But as always is the case with me, all good things are forgotten or pushed to the backburner in a matter of days! So it happened thus with too. I completely forgot all about it and hadn’t visited it hence. Till today i.e.!

A chance clean-up of WMP led me to the AudioScrobbler plugin and I started wondering wth was it? Then realization dawned and it all came back in a flash –…the track listings…the chart-displaying…the audio tagging et al. So here I am, revisiting my profile pages, updating them settings, adding a few friends and some new favorites. I even hanged out a chart at the right for you visitors to have a dekko at my recently played tracks 😛

Moral of the story: Leave clues at the least inconspicuous places so that you can retrace your steps!

P.S: The date n’ time calculation was aided by TimeAndDate

One thought on “ [Revisited]

  1. is so addictive and great. I discover a lot of music through there.

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