D Day’s Nearing

Some twenty days ago, I’d said that I was moving. Truth be told, I haven’t yet! Due to some unforeseen circumstances and situations, I had to postpone the moving plans indefinitely. And also I wasn’t getting good enough places where I could’ve comfily settled for some period of time. Added to that the fact that almost all of my friends were already settled and either had no plans to move out to another place with me or had no room in their flats for me to move in 😛 So days turned into weeks and it won’t be long before they turn into months! Thus it was imperative that I find a cosy enough place and thanks to SH, I’ve found one at Raj Bhavan road. And if everything’s hunky dory, I’d be well & truly moving sometime in the first week of April. But well before the monthly-mark of 8th!

Looking forward to that day (not eagerly, though!) It’s not like its an own house or anything…but anyways an adobe’s an adobe *philosophical*

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