What Does Google have up its sleeve this Year?

[Update: Due to a silly mistake on my part, this post got deleted! I have re-written it but the Comments could not be! Apologies for that]

The Year: 2000 They came up with: Google MentalPlex

The Year: 2002 They came up with: Pigeon Rank

The Year: 2004 They came up with: Google Lunar/Copernicus Center

The Year: 2005 They came up with: Google Gulp

The Year: 2006 They came up with: Google Romance

The Year: 2007 They will come up with who knows what???

In case you still didn’t get it, here “They” stands for the search giant – Google! They have this funny habit of coming up with indigenous ideas and services on the first day of the fourth month of the year i.e. April 1st. And that day, as many of you might have known, is all fool’s day 🙂 So all these above-mentioned ‘launches’ were actually pranks played by Google on the audience that is the world. Common people like you and me would fool our nears and dears and friends and at best some dozen odd others. But nothing less than half-of-the-world’s-population would do for the Mountain View based co.

I remember I had posted the Romance bit on the FreeHyderabad forums but I did that only after I found out that it was indeed a hoax :mrgreen: I guess many others didn’t! So, what will it be this year around? Given the humongous choices that Google has, it would be quite difficult to hazard a guess. If I had that kind of vividity in imagination and ingenuity, I would be working for them, won’t I 😛 So I’ll leave out the guessing part to you readers….go ahead and take a guess at what it will be this year. Remember, you have quite a short time on your hands before it makes its presence on the WWW!!!

My Guess: Google Phone Search – Search for anyone and everyone’s phone numbers. You have the choice of googling for a person’s landline, mobile or VoIP phone number 😀

Quick Ref Source: Wikipedia

5 thoughts on “What Does Google have up its sleeve this Year?

  1. LOL! You could have asked a reader (feed) for a copy of it! Subscribe to your own feed, it helps in times like these 😛

  2. 😳 I had the XML backup but only till 27th!

    I do subscribe to my feed…..i forgot wholly about it! Lemme check if I susbscribe to the comments feed as well!


  3. Waaah! No Comments feed 😦

  4. Subscribe to that too now 😛

  5. Did that now! Case of locking the stables after the horse has bolted 🙄

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