In one of the silliest of silly bloopers, I managed to delete some of my posts here!!! I was cleaning out the obsolete and old data from moi PC and one of the main areas that I’d accumulated stuff was the Windows Live Writer. So I opened it up and proceeded to delete of the accumulated and unposted drafts. I also deleted the already-posted stuff. I was under the impression that I’ll be removing them from the WLW’s cache. Little did I know that the *&^%#$$@ was actually removing those very posts from the Blog itself 👿

I ended up deleting most of March’s posts and the posts, comments, pings, files, images, links etc are all gone with the wind!!! Now I’m sitting with my hands in my head and scratching moi head wondering how to retrieve those back 😦

[Update: I had the XML backup of my posts uptil 26th March! So i can upload them onto a backup blog and copy over the posts onto here. Wish me Luck!!!]

One thought on “Catastrophe!!!

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