After yesterday’s minute of madness, a panicky me set about immediately to repair the damage! Unfortunately our senses get sorta numbed whenever we are in a panic-stricken mood and we tend to do all the wrong – or too tedious – things in an attempt to set things straight! I too embarked upon a long-drawn process to salvage the lost posts as soon as realization about the mishap dawned. What I did was:

  1. Searched high-and-low for the XML backup that I’d taken some days earlier (How thankful was I to that!)
  2. Found it ultimately but was dated 27th or March 😦 So 3 days posts would be lost!
  3. Created a Backup Blog on WordPress.
  4. Uploaded the XML onto that blog.
  5. Selected those posts that I’d deleted and manually copy-posted them onto this one!
  6. Edited the time stamp so as to closely mirror the original post’s time stamp.
  7. Published the post and patted self for the nifty work done πŸ˜›

Unfortunately, all the comments were lost! And so were the Digg links and in one case, an entire post which was dugg by a meagre 5 users was completely gone! It was much later in the night that I realized what a nincompoop I’d been. It would have been infinitely easier if only I’d tweaked the XML to contain only the deleted posts and then uploaded the same onto this very Blog, instead of onto the backup!And on top of it all, Harsh comes along and – in an action that is akin to rubbing salt into the wounds – and sez today that it would have been easier if I had my blog’s feed handy! I do subscribe to my own feeds and a quick visit to Google Reader would have saved a lot of time & work for me! But then again, there was no comments feed, so they were gone no matter what!

So I decided that a cool n calm-headed approach was the best way to solve the problem rather than do something on the spur of the moment and rather hastily! Then I got the simply super brainwave – even if I say so myself – of how to get back the lost posts. What for were the Google’s Cached pages!!! I promptly launched a Google search for the posts and using the search string of “google sleeve” and the search result’s cached feature I was able to retrieve the post, its links and even the digg button! Am I a genius or what!!!

[Cached page]

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