Moi Humble Abode

Plus Marks the Spot! The Circle is the Rajiv Gandhi Circle at Somajiguda Circle.

After almost a month and a fortnight more I finally moved into a new place. I’ve talked about how I was moving and then how the day was drawing nearer….and today was the day when the plans were translated into actions and the transition was done! Though its not my own house but only a rented place, I kinda have the knack in me to make any cosy place my home and look after it real nicely. This place is tucked away behind the busy Raj Bhavan road in Somajiguda and is a 2BHK. I’ll be sharing this with long-time friend Mr.S and he’s equally enthused to be my new partner-in-arms. Though a few other things need settling down…like the cable being connected…a net connexion being procured ( late-night-surfing and torrents….here I come!!!)…kitchen to be set up. And once that’s all done, a big burned will be off my head and then I can concentrate on more serious stuff…like a career change for instance :mrgreen:

6 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. OMG you revealed your location! Nukes on the way! Oh, not for bombs, just fireworks for the new place 😀

  2. Bring’em On!

    Tx Kai!

  3. Partner “in arms”…? your arms?

  4. Just a phrase mate…just a phrase!

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