Alonso Triumphs in Sepang

 The first F1 race I missed watching in 2007 and bang! Kimi Raikkonen loses out on a victory! Now if those two are cause and effect, then I’d better watch all the remaining races without fail :mrgreen:

Alonso Leads Hamilton Anyways, McLaren’s Fernando Alonso won the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang in some dominant style….that after pole-sitter Felipe Massa was passed at the very start of the race, first by Alonso then by Mclaren’s Lewis Hamilton. Teammate Kimi Raikkonen and BMW’s Nick Hiedlfeld also managed to pass the Brazilian, who eventually finished sixth. McLaren claimed their first 1-2 finish since a long time and while it can be attributed to their pace at the start of the race, it also can be said that the Ferrari’s were slightly lacking in speed. Especially since Kimi Raikkonen was constantly hankering Lewis Hamilton for 2nd place but was never able to pass him. Credit to the Rookie though, for holding Kimi off.

Reminder to self: *must-see-the-replay-or-highlights-or-whatever*

Race Reports: | Grandprix | BBC Sport

One thought on “Alonso Triumphs in Sepang

  1. I see more competition and fun now that the monotony is gone :mrgreen: Go Kimi! Go!

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