Bahrain Grand Prix – Massa the Victor

After last F1 race’s debacle, I was determined to see this race but fate sometimes can be a cruel enforcer! First, there was the FreeHyderabad meet on Sunday; which went fantastic BTW. Secondly, my rooms were getting painted and I had to cool heels on the stairway monitoring the goings on!! Luckily, the neighbors were going out and I quickly asked them if I could watch the race at their place…and thus I got to see the latter parts of the race 🙂

Massa Ferrari had the initial advantage as their driver was on Pole position. But there was an Both the Ferraris were strong in the middle stints as their pitstops allowed them to beat the McLarens for position. Massa, was in no mood to repeat his Sepang mistakes and was belligerent in securing a Pole-to-Flag victory. Lewis Hamilton was a strong second for McLaren as he took advantage of a smart second pit-stop to come in front of Kimi Raikkonen. Kimi finished third and was quite sober on the podium…maybe because his teammate was better on the day! BMW’s Nick Hiedfeld was fourth – that after he pulled off a blinder of an overtaking maneouvre over Fernando Alonso! Alonso had to settle for fifth in a sedate race, with the commentators saying that he was conserving his engine/tyres/car/stamina for his homerace – the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya on the 12th of May.

Race Reports: | BBC | GrandPrix

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