Minerva Coffee House

Now that I’ve moved into the Somajiguda area, the Minerva Coffee House at Amrutha Mall is within walking distance. I had heard good things about it but never had the chance to visit it. It also has two branches – at Himayathnagar and Ameerpet but apart from some light supper there, never had a full-fledged meal over there.

So took advantage of the time I had on my hands this weekend and trooped over there for breakfast and lunch. The idlis were kinda soft for liking but the accompaniments, were really good. They provide four kinds of miscellaneous chutneys including ginger, coconut and urad dal. Also had button idlis which are actually miniature idlis. Now Minerva is (was?)  also renowned for its dosas…out of whcih the Onion Rawa Dosa was particularly well-talked about. But I didn’t find it that appetizng…in fact the onions were conspicous by absence. But my favorite of them all was its pesarattu…cho naaice 😀 Lunch is kinda the regular fare – with North Indian thali consisting of Rotis, Biriyani and the usual Paneer/Rajma curries and its South Indian counterpart comprising chiefly of Pooris and Coconut rice.

The chief drawback of Minerva is its pricing! Its terribly expensive and out-of-reach for the common man. 25 bucks for two idlis and 48 bucks for a premium dosa is not exactly cheap! Plus the thalis are priced at 85 (south) and 115 (North) which is much more than what a customer would bargain for. But I guess it is due to the rich and popular name that Minerva commands.  I nearly burned a neat l’l hole in my pocket and wouldn’t urge others to do so…..maybe only once!

3 thoughts on “Minerva Coffee House

  1. ma ki kirkiri…ek meal ke liye 115 rs …nayi jata udhar mai kabhi ..

  2. Worth to go once in a while

  3. Yep! But when someone else is paying :mrgreen:

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