Wavering Widgets!

The widgets on my blog seemed to be playing hide n’ seek with me all of today! For whenever I logged in, the sidebar would get reset to the default one leaving me scratching moi head! Initially I thought that the problem was due a recent theme change and hence I reverted back to the tried n tested Unsleepable! But the bizarreness in the widgets just would’nt go! Sometimes the entire sidebar would become empty and again upon re-login they would shift across to the bottom bar……drove me nuts all day long!

Then I did what i should’ave done at the outset itself – lodged a support ticket. Then a quick visit to the WordPress Support Forums showed that it was indeed a known glitch and people had reported similar observations. The geeks at WP got down to work and seems things are back to normal again! WP Roxx /

[Update] Something’s wrong again! Though the default sidebar is showing the contents correctly, the bottom bar seems to have acquired a life of its own 👿 No matter what widgets I put in there, it always shows up the default ones! Moreover, the Widgets page under Presentation do show the widgets which I’ve put in there. But once I do a quick Save Changes, it reverts back to the default again! Guess I’ll have to sleep over it and let the guys down at WP take care of it. Thanks a ton guys…..for I’m sure that you would surely fix it by the time I Login again.

2 thoughts on “Wavering Widgets!

  1. Hi, I hope you can help me, I know this is an old post, but I am really frustrated right now with WP, and it seems like you had a similar problem. I have done a ton of work on my blog, and twice now, when I logged back in to edit blog, it reverted back to the default template, and I lost everything!! All my plugins, posts, themes, etc. This is driving me crazy!! Any idea what is up? BTW, I do work on my blog from two different computers, my desktop at work, and my laptop at home. Would that have any bearing on this problem?

    I’d appreciate any advice you have (WP does not return my emails asking for help).


    Jen Allen

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