Beat the Heat

Hyderabad has always had a warm summer. But over the past few years, its been scorching. This year, the summer heat’s been excruciating to say the least. With temperatures hovering around the 42°C mark and almost zero breeze, its a hot situation everyday. Since most of the daytime we’re ensconed in the air-conditioned comfort of the office, it is not that big a discomfort but the situation at night is a different story. To tide over the summertime hazards, me and my roomie embarked upon what we dubbed the beat-the-heat mission. The hunt was thus launched for a suitable way to cool down our humble abode. The idea of an air-conditioner was swiftly negated – both due to the high cost factor and also because of the unviability of having it installed in an rented house! The quickest and cheapest solutions hammered out were one piece each of a Refrigerator and an Air Cooler.

Videocon 80L FridgeSo today we sought out those two solutions, or rather appliances and after a typical haphazard journey that criss-crossed the old city and the new city alike, we were back with our two beat-the-heat champions :mrgreen: The refrigerator we got was the tiny and at-the-same-time efficient and cute-looking S 091 DX model from the stable of Videocon. It was of a capacity of 80 litres, which was more than enough for our storage of water, drinks and err…ahemm….beverages! It was of medium height and easily fitted into our kitchen – not to mention our budget! With the first item on our list ticked off by noon, we then embarked upon the journey to an area called Troop Bazaar thats a purported haven for locally-made air coolers. We were assured that coolers of all makes and sizes and varying from the cheapest uptil the costliest would be available there. And that was true! Almost 100 models later, we zeroed in on a cool-looking biege-colored model that was attractively priced and was low on power consumption as well. We loaded it onto an auto and before the clock struck three, we were back at our abode with our two prized possessions. The initial setup is done with and as I write this piece, I am chilling off under the cool breeze of the cooler with a cool Diet Coke can beside me :mrgreen: Beat-the-heat we will surely!!

P.S: Just noticed that a year ago, my mantra to beat-the-heat was a plain chilled Mango juice! How times change!

One thought on “Beat the Heat

  1. hehe, I know many who thought HYD rocked in summer coz they wouldn’t sweat as much as being in Madras.

    Diet coke eh? Diet pepsi’s better 😉

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