Chelsea Stumble..Liverpool Rumble!

Thatz what happened at Anfield in the second leg of the Champions League Semi-Final clash between the two English football clubs. In a closely contested semi-final, Liverpool managed to defeat Chelsea on the basis of a Penalty shootout! Chelsea came into this match with a 1-0 advantage but that was nullified by the 22nd minute strike of Agger. Liverpool, playing at home were rejuvenated sorta with that goal and as both teams pushed forward in search of the winner, the match became highly intensive but remained goalless even after extra time!

So Penalties it was then and Chelsea squandered their chances while Liverpool struck theirs cleanly to emerge 4-1 winners in the shootout. Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina was the star-of-the-show as he staved off two strikes from Robben and Geremi. So Liverpool march off into the UEFA Champions League final where they await the winner of today’s match between AC Milan and Manchester United.

Update: Dang! Just when I thought I could savor the Man U versus AC Milan semi-final clash, the cable’s gone kaput 👿

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