Spiderman 3 – Movie Review

Spiderman 3The Webbed wonder is back again! And this time the web is more around himself rather than around his nemesises! Spiderman 3 brings to the screens an angst-ridden Peter Parker who is steadily letting the people’s adulation and his superhero status get to his head whilst still wanting to speak about his eternal love to his childhood sweetheart Mary Jane Watson. He also has to tackle not one, but three villains who have their own reasons to swat away the web-swinging dude for good. Peter’s best buddy and Green Goblin Junior gets a snazzy new suit and glider (obviously inspired by his dead father’s dreams!) and is baying for revenge; Flint Marko a.k.a Sandman – who is revealed to be the actual killer of Peter’s Uncle Ben and Eddie Brock alias Venom make up the trio whom Spidey has to outmaneuver in his quest for survival. Out of these three, it is evident from the start that Sandman and Junior Goblin were more victims of circumstances rather than true-blue-devlish characters. So most of the expectations are on Venom to give Spidey a run for his money. But Alas! the arch-enemy of Spiderman makes his appearance only after the intermission!

Performance-wise, Tobey Maguire stands out in this movie…not only as the swinging Spidey but also as the loverboy Peter Parker. But what stands out most is his charismatic portrayal of the mean and anger-ridden Peter Parker under the influence of the Symbiote. He carries a certain swagger about him, lashes out at MJ and even disregards his favorite professor’s advice! The cry-factor is a bit too prevalent in this movie and thats where one can’t help thinking that Tobey’s more like a child-actor! The other actor who takes giant strides in his role is James Franco as Harry Osborn. Torn between his revenge against Spiderman and his friendship for Parker, he manages to mix his now-enemy-now-friend character with ease and panache. Kirsten Dunst is pretty and effective as MJ though she has much less dialogues than in the second part. Of the villains, the guy who plays Venom does good in looking cheesy and menacing as Venom ought to be. Sandman is slightly Plastic!

Action, though was of the highest standards, left me dizzy in some places! What with Spidey zipping around with is web-swings and Goblin scooting around on his glider and Venom twirling and trashing around with his black symbiote stuff! Bar one fight, none were as engrossing as the train-sequence in 2 or the carnival fight in 1. There were a few loopholes as well, that I quite couldn’t fathom! Harry’s memory loss and subsequent regainment, Brock’s knowledge that MJ was Spidey/Parker’s beau, Sandman’s mysterious turnaround and not to mention the confession of Harry’s butler….all left me a wee bit flabbergasted! Apart from that, I’d say that the movie was good enough to be called a worthy sequel (trequel?) for the first two movies!

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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***************Spoilers Ahead – Don’t Read if you haven’t seen it!***************

Story-wise, Spiderman 3 is much darker and intensive than its earlier versions and incorporates angst, ego, love, revenge, emotion and even cheesy comical moments in it (Passion is too little too less!) withing a reasonably lengthy running time of 2+ hours. Mary Jane Watson is steadily facing criticism as an actress cum singer and wants Peter to support her more than what he actually does. But our hero is busy basking in his superhero-dom and is a li’l egoistical than necessary. Things reach a breaking point when, in a moment of innocuousness, kisses the smitten blond Gwen and manages to irk MJ – who in turn finds solace in ex-boyfriend Harry Osborne’s company. At the same time, Harry steps up his revenge against Spidey and the second villain – Sandman starts making life difficult for Spidey. An alien Symbiote complicates matters further, by attaching itself to Spidey – thus bringing to the fore his hidden I-feel-good-when-I-have-power character and accentuates it with a don’t-mess-with-me-I-am-Bad Black Suit. Spidey now sports a mean and tempestuous attitude which threatens to get the better of him and snatch away his very good naturedness that made him a popular hero. He gets an upcoming photographer – Eddie Brock fired from the Daily Bugle and when at last discards the black Symbiotic suit, manages to turn Brock into Venom! The movie ends with Spidey managing to overcome his inner demons as well as out-smart the villains with help from a certain foe-turned-friend.

************************Spoilers End Here*************************

One thought on “Spiderman 3 – Movie Review

  1. RAting this film needs to be done in different categoires. I agree with you to give 4 on 5 for the technical aspects of the film. Coming to other aspects of the film, editing is not upto the standards when compared to its preqeuls. I felt that movie started of in bits and pieces. The director left many loop holes in this movie. The scene where symbiote comes to earth was unconvincing and if it has the characteristics of attaching itself to a host, then it should try to do that in that scene. The second thread that was left open was the story of SandMan. A practical physics experiment was left ungaurded !!!!!!. The third thread was that of Mary Jane Watson. Her character wasnt sketched properly. The character was protrayed in such a way that she was jealous of spidey’s growing popularity. She couldnt understand Peter’s love towards her. The fourth thread was when she rejects him. I couldnt understand

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