Return of the….

Jedi? Naah. Me is just a good ol’ nice-guy. It happened so that I was away for a small but unannounced period of four days. I had to undertake a short journey to the holy town of Puttaparthi to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend’s bro and also the upanayanam ceremony of the aforementioned friend. It was quite a while since I had had the chance to catch up with friends and since the ocassion also merited an attendance by the Bengaluru-eans, it was all the more special. I boarded the nightly service to Puttaparthy via Anantapur from the Jubilee Bus Stand having received the information that the journey was of a meagre 7 hours duration. I was all eager to attend the early-morning ceremony and was looking forward to some piping hot breakfast over there! My anticipation soon turned into despair when I learnt early the next morning that I would be reaching my destination only at late forenoon!!! It is a well-known fact that the summer heat in the Anantapur region is unbearable…it is my fortitude and some hectic water-splashing that I was saved from the scorching heat and humid wind.

I reached the venue at 12-ish and by that time much of the thread ceremony was over. A quick hellos and namastes later, I was gulping down on soft n succulent brunch of idlis. Having been hungry since the previous evening, I was in my devour-ish-est mood and polished’em off in a jiffy! A deep and long nap laters, I was all rejuvenated and was just in the mood for the festivities to follow. The wedding was to happen the day after and what happened thence is destined for a later post…..Attack of the Clones(read Bengalureans) maybe :mrgreen:

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