Advertising One-Up-manship

The Airline business segment in India is a dogfight! Especially with all the low-cost carriers that have been springing up all over the place. And these carriers go all out in wooing the customers with innovative schemes, discounts, low-fares and add-on benefits. advertising also plays a crucial role for these carriers to grab eyeballs. Recently I received a forwarded email which showcased the one-up-manship games that played out over advertising hoardings for three of such low-cost carriers. See the images below:

Images courtesy: RK

Disclaimer: No offense meant or implied to any of the brand names!

5 thoughts on “Advertising One-Up-manship

  1. kahan se utaya ree. At which center did they put up these hoardings

  2. I did mention it was a Fwd 🙄 The hoardings were near Bandra flyover…any problem?

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  4. This was so great, I had to repost it! Thank you so much for this glimpse..

  5. Clever advertising! 🙂 Change is the only constant !

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