Bomb Blast causes Unrest

There was a bomb blast at the Mecca Mosque near the Charminar today at 1:30 PM thereabouts which resulted in the death of 6 people and injuries to several others. The blast occured when thousands of people were offering thir Friday afternoon prayers at the historical mosque.

The two bombs which killed six people and injured many others inside the Mecca Masjid compound near the Charminar on Friday afternoon here appear to have been remote controlled. Two unexploded bombs have also been recovered from inside the compound. Soon after the explosions, around 200 people gathered outside the mosque, pelting stones in protest against the incident.

The blasts took place in the compound of the mosque around 1:30 pm while Friday prayers were on. The injured have been rushed to nearby Osmania Hospital. Section 144 has been imposed in adjoining areas

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The blast has brought about an eerie sense of uneasiness amongst the people and the tension was palpable in my office as well. People started getting frowns on their faces and one could see the urge to finish their chores early and head home as soon as possible. For a city that revels in its harmony and lite-le attitude, this comes as a rude shock. Coming as it does on a friday evening when people look to relax and forget the tedium of the bygone week. The situation becomes all the more sensitive, taking into account the location and timing of the attack. The Mecca masjid is a historical monument and the perpetrators – who are upto no good I’m sure – couldn’t have picked a worse time than the time of friday prayers. While seriously condemning the attacks, I just hope that peace and calm prevails and the ugly situation tides over at the earliest. My condolences to the innocent victims and wishes for a speedy recovery for the injured.

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