FA Cup Final – Man U Vs. Chelsea

Saturday 19th May 2007 – Chelsea and Manchester United  – the best two teams this season in the English Premier League, go head-to-head in the FA Cup final at the renovated-but-still-historic Wembley Stadium. Chelsea will be keen to avenge their EPL crown loss to United and gather atleast one cup this season whereas Manchester United will be looking to secure a League and Cup double.

The match’s gonna start as I am writing this and I expect Man utd to coast to a hard-fought victory. The margin? I’d say 3-2 🙂

4 thoughts on “FA Cup Final – Man U Vs. Chelsea

  1. It seems like your 5 goals expecting was too much 😉 Chelsea in important match, that”s always goalless game.

  2. 😐 It was too much! All we got in the end was a well-scored but measly single goal!

  3. I had wanted wanted Man U to win the match by atleast 2 – 0. Even though am not a Man U fan. It was so painful.

    Gunners 4 life

  4. Err….a bit late in the day, don’t u think?

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