FA Cup – Manchester United Lose

Yeah, thatz right! Chelsea may have won the FA Cup final yesterday at the Wembley but they did so only because Manchester United were made to lose. Agreed that one team has to lose for another to win and also agreed that the goal scored by Didier Drogba was good enough for Chelsea to grasp the cup but the manner in which Man U were “denied” victory was a bit shameful!

Both the first and second halves were sordid affairs with no team managing to create sound scorng opportunities. But late in the first period of extra time, Ryan Giggs scrappy effort seemed to have crossed the line even as Petr Cech scrambled to scoop it up.In any case Giggs seemed to have been fouled by Michale Essien and when the goal was disallowed, a penalty ought to be awarded. But neither happened and a bemoaned Man U were punished in the 116th minute as Didier Drogba scored the winner after an immaculate one-two with teammate Frank Lampard. That sealed Chelsea’s Carling Cup+FA Cup double whilst Man Utd will have to be just contended with the EPL title.

Match Report | Ferguson laments denied Penalty

2 thoughts on “FA Cup – Manchester United Lose

  1. I was shocked like anything with that result!!! Never expected United too loose, and that too by a late goal from no other than Drogba!!! Darn! But at least we are the EPL champs 😀

  2. ‘We’?? Red Devil to the core 🙂
    Haath ko aaya muh na laga!.

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