Funky Ads III

Some more cool and funky advertisements that i received in an Email forward today. (courtesy Ms. N) Click on the Images for a fuller-view:

Note how the middle tree’s leaves are intact whereas the other trees have shed theirs! Strong bonding that!

An Ad for a Martial Arts institution. Get in the normal way and break your way out!

Sharp Knives! That cut right through the stand!

Mega burgers from Burger King! Really wide-mouthed you need to be!

Really Hot sauce! Burns its way through the cobs!

Second-hand smoke kills!

Keep your car clean from err…umm….aerial bombardment!

Ariel means Clean!

A fantastic caricature on the famous Johnnie Walker ads! So he walked and met with an accident….urges people to quit drinking.

Quick-drying paint!

For teeth that can be stronger than steel!

Sony Hi-fi systems! Don’t understand this one though!

5 thoughts on “Funky Ads III

  1. Tu bhi aaj kal kisi aur ka creativity lift karra. waste fella.

  2. I’m atleast acknowledging that it was a forward and also give credit to the person who fwd’ed it! Not like you-know-who 🙄

  3. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  4. Gr8888 collection…. Kudos…

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